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Are you worried about getting bowel cancer??


You needn’t be!



WNA UOCA PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT HEALTH GUIDE for Cancer Sufferers or potential sufferers


Bowel Cancer – arises most often due to holding onto grievances, spiritually the individual is clinging onto their refuse or waste product refusing to let it go, this results in festering in the bowels which eventually turns into cancer once the waste rots sufficiently to mutate into cancerous cells. This clinging on to the past is often represented in the individual holding grudges against life or particular people who they often take great pleasure in hurting or taking revenge on them in whatever small or petty way they can. Often this does really hurt the other people. Often the pattern is genetic repeating itself in a family over generations.


In many cases the people will never give anything unless they receive money or some other material object in return. They are renowned for saying things like ‘what is in it for me’, ‘why should I help you’, ‘what do I get in return’ or ‘I’d like to help you, but you can only help yourself’ usually said with a deep sense of regret. They virtually never give anything freely or unconditionally and if they do they use it against the person they have given it to as a kind of emotional blackmail constantly reminding them of what they have done for them. Any perceived harm they feel has been inflicted upon them by another they also constantly remind them of and others using it also as emotional blackmail, in particular to suck sympathy out of others. Although they may have many friends it is often superficial and they are usually very lonely sad people though viciously hide this asserting how popular and important they are. If ever they are found at fault they will immediately deny it and blame the other person often quite aggressively. They have great difficulties admitting they are ever wrong this often goes with their inflated sense of self importance and they will go to great lengths to prove they are right regardless of the facts. So much so that most people give up and agree with them. They have an inferiority complex so appear and often are extremely domineering and can be control freaks.


On the plus if they get a handle on their issues they can make very good leaders and teachers because they on the whole thrive on adoration. And can make for loyal partners and can counteract or be a balance for people that are too spendthrift and disorganised. If they can overcome their desire to punish or lord over the other and instead learn from them generosity there is hope.


Resolution: - forgiveness of themselves, the world and particular those people they take revenge upon. This is a very common ailment in Western countries due to the large amount of wealth we have. This means that these people often when they inflict their hatred on others out of revenge then as a substitute for lack of love stuff themselves with food often of poor quality and particularly meat and sugar. This is not always the case but typical. Changing their diet combined with returning love with any hate they feel is directed at them is a high priority to cure this illness. Often any slight offense or comment they will take huge delight in directing their vengeance on those people. Often people are extremely afraid of them and they can cause anxiety complexes in those close to them. Which also seems to give them pleasure. But the sad result is that these people often end up having anxiety problems themselves. When filled with rage against others and determined to hurt these people, they cause their own bodies immense harm, including other forms of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Again these people need to not react when they feel attacked by others, but instead respond with loving kindness and understanding. They need to learn to stand back from attacking people and instead listening to those that they feel are attacking them. To look at the deeper reasons behind their actions and address those with real concern and love. As soon as they start doing this they will see real changes in their relationships for the better and improvement in their health.


Their bowel movements will improve as often these people are constipated spending long times on the toilet. As they begin to let go of their hatreds and grudges against others, their waste will start to release from their bowels.


Treatment: urgent enema using raspberry herbal concoction. Sassafras as well. Long term therapy in loving others as they are and seeing others point of view. Cognitive behavioural therapy. Short term fasting three days. Avoiding meat and all sugar. Breathing exercises into bowels and abdomen after taking a glass of warm salt water. Alternate nostril for balance. Yoga postures – gentle sitting forward bend. Neck stretches for mind. Increase greens. Carrot juice organic fast for three days and bring diet to 50% rawfood. Use of a mantra affirmation when doing the breath exercises repeating ‘I love myself, I am a good person, I can give to others freely.’


Ancillary: Go through your house and throw out 50% use a decluttering website to do this properly.


Preventative: for those with suspected or early bowel cancer, they are in the lucky position of being able to make real changes using the above as the full illness has not set in. They usually display most of the above characteristics of the illness but not as extreme as those with full cancer. If they don’t make the changes now they surely will get the cancer. It is extremely important they take the above steps now.


These people are noted for ACTUALLY getting pleasure out of hurting others. PLEASURE!? This is really a distorted form of love due to suffering cruelty inflicted upon themselves, which then is misdirected to protect themselves onto others on what they actually deucedly believe to be a form of love in which by punishing the victim will somehow benefit them and be for their own good. This almost always is false and harms everyone. They will often try to convince themselves and others that their cruelty to others is necessary to help those people that they harm. To rewire the brain to tell this person that this pleasure is not good for them and hurting others is harmful to all is extremely difficult as their habit pattern is entrenched. For these people to be kind to those that they feel deserve their vengeance is extremely difficult as their means of attaining pleasure feels blocked from them. The only way is cognitive behavioural therapy where repeatedly the person must act kindly to those that they perceive as hurting them. The best method is to have the person in experimental situations that are contrived by a therapist, in which the therapist can act as the individual they perceive as attacking them. Repeatedly do this in many different circumstances until the bully sees that he can be kind to the victim of his bullying. Until the person sees that his kindness to the perceived attacker produces a good and loving result.


Most commonly this illness occurs with close family in entrenched patterns of behaviour but can also occur in the work place. Often the people suffer from obesity but not always. They can be notorious hoarders unable to throw things away. In particular accumulate money which they often boast about or constantly conceal and monitor fearing it being taken from them. This often causes them a lot of anxiety. They often make others guilty for not having their obsession with their possessions telling them how frugal and thrifty they are to have kept their wealth. They need to learn to give unconditionally. As a result they usually have a lot to give.


If you know someone with this ailment then you are in for a rocky road to help them and like a virus it can spread to their close friends or family which often gives these people a feeling of triumph when they have wrecked somebody trying to help them. They don’t want help nor seek it often tell it is too late. If you try to help them they will almost always ignore it or attack or belittle you for doing so, even if later they follow the advice they will never give you any credit for it, sometimes even telling you about how they solved it themselves. The only way to help them (because they are notoriously selfish) is to make it appear that it is their idea to heal themselves. This can be difficult too as they pick up on this as they are often highly intelligent. A sledge hammer approach can work but be prepared for war and tears in which most often you will walk away thinking why did I bother or what did I do to deserve that. You are going to have to touch their heart directly with real compassion and pain showing love to be able to get through to them. For more information on how to achieve this contact me. For an easier approach start by setting the example yourself, then suggesting what has helped you in a casual non judgemental conversation revealing your own weaknesses. Tell them how much you care about them. They will pick up any insincerity a mile away so be very careful. If reading this you recognise yourself then you need help.


Unfortunately bowel cancer is extremely common in the West for obvious reasons – it epitomises the false pleasure in capitalistic consumer society where you fill your store with goods then make them so expensive that only a few can purchase them creating the pleasurable feeling of elitism or consumer prosperity consciousness. Ultimately this is an empty impermanent emotion and the high follows by the low with another fix required.


For further advice and remedy for this cancer or to prevent it arising where the potential symptoms are there please contact for a free consultation:


James Travers-Murison

Yoga UOCA Health Therapist



Put aside fear, know you can do it, know that others care for you and want you healthy and happy and will support you.



(this is a general surmise and all cases differ depending on the circumstances, no liability is accepted for this advice or following it and a consultation should be made before following it and to formulate a proper individual plan)




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