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Long term residents: If you join you will in effect become a founding member of the UOCA Rainbow organisation, so it is important to read as much information located on these websites links at the end of this page before making your decision.





Your stay would be paid for by a monthly donation depending on your circumstances - this is to cover costs for the premises, training, food, etc without profit as this is a non profit organisation. A donation from each resident above this amount to cover tuition is recommended depending on their income, assets and savings – see application form for guidelines. Be aware any suggested amounts are far below commercial rates and are simply to cover costs and you are encouraged to donate more than this if you can.

The ashram is sparsely furnished in Zen style. You are encouraged to sit in lotus posture and not on chairs. Minimalist approach will mean you bring as little as possible.

You would be trained in the UOCA technique of yoga and meditation and nutrition. In return you would be contributing to the ashram by working in the gardens, house, office and so learning important yogic skills in running an ashram. You would be have to be prepared to surrender to the process to benefit and transform your life.

It is strongly recommended that anyone applying for long term residency have not consumed any illegal drugs for at least five years and pharmaceutical drugs other than for minor ailments for at least three years. It is recommended that you have not consumed meat and alcohol for at least one year or have consumed very small amounts for at least three years. It is recommended that you have not consumed any tobacco for at least three years. You should also have at least an intermediate knowledge of yoga asanas and not be unfit, overweight or currently suffering a severe physical or severe mental health condition. And you will require three references – preferably at least one from a yoga teacher. It is better to be truthful in your application as depending on your circumstances exceptions can be made.

It is suggested you read as much information on this website as possible before applying and there are many pages. Also that you purchase and read a copy of the book, India: A backpacker’s journey seeking sexual enlightenment – see www.wna.org.au


Volunteer workers need to fill in the application form and also write an email stating what work they are able to contribute and what amount of donation they are able to make to their training in yoga here. List gardening, IT, handyman, building, plumbing, yoga teaching, massage, or other theraputic skills that can be offered to guests - please give details of experience. Minimum stay is one week.



All members would have to agree and sign: please read

the code of conduct: dld pdf